The USACB Process

The Process

The USACB Process is designed to save the American family time and money. We accomplish this task by eliminating 99% of the traditional obstacles that currently exist for the homeowner, which aids us in “Truly Making the American Dream Affordable”. The USACB Process is the “New, Revolutionary Way to Purchase and Own a New, Custom Built Home.” We ascribe to the K.I.S.S. motto of “Keep it Simple and Successful” and our process is just that; Simple & Successful”.

1. Complete the New Home Ownership Application

2. Pay the Application Fee for a single ($199.00) or married ($299.00) applicant. This fee is Non-Refundable. 

3. Upon Approval (typically takes 3-4 weeks)

a. You will be schedule for an appointment with your Sales Design Specialist (SDS) to begin the exciting process of designing your new, custom built home. This process includes…

I. Picking your lot.
II. Select your Floor plan (varies by the size of your new home)
III. Customize your Floor Plan (if applicable)
IV. Determine your Upgrades (If you so desire)

b. Make your Activation Fee Payment (1st Month’s Contract Payment).

4. Receive your “New Home Ownership Groundbreaking” Certificate.

5. Begin paying on your new, custom built home (when ground breaking commences).

The USACB New Home Ownership process includes No Interest, No PMI, No Credit Restrictions (Debit to Income Ratio must be 3:1), 100% Principal Payments and the opportunity to pay off and own your new home in 15-18 years. There’s truly no other program in existence than can compete with the USACB New Home Ownership Process & Program.


  • A 3:1 Debt to Income Ratio (minus your current rent/lease payment)

  • Must have been on your Current Job for at Least 4 years with 2 Personal Reference OR 2 years with 4 Personal References

  • Good Rental/Lease Payment History for the past 24-48 Months

Commitment to Our Customers

The primary goal of US American Custom Builders is delivering a custom, high quality product at a fair and decent price with excellent customer service.

Good Credit! Bad Credit No Credit! OK!”…to all who qualify. All we’re concerned with is your ability to pay your monthly bills as well as your new, custom home contract payment. We require a 3:1 Debt to Income Ratio (monthly expenses, MINUS your current rent/lease payment, MUST be 3 times LOWER than your current monthly income). The USACB system is set up the way it is because we're not solely motivated by profit, but by engineering, and constructing a good, quality product for a fair and decent price. We want all of our new, custom built home clients to pay off and own their homes within 15-18 years. At USACB, we believe that we can build a superior product, sell that product to an American family at a fair and decent price, help them not only stay in that product, but help them to pay it off sooner than later.

The USACB Process is designed and constructed so that every party to the transaction walks away happy and willing to not only do business again, but refer new business.

We Offer: Unlimited Upgrades

  • Extreme Green Package – The house that pays for itself and also “Pays you to live in it.”

  • Fully furnished homes with high-quality furniture and professional staging also available.

  • Fully furnished appliances featuring Wolfe, Viking, and other top brands.

  • Swimming Pools

  • Lifetime Roofs

  • Custom Patios & Outdoor Kitchens

  • Custom Flooring

  • Custom Woodwork

  • Security Cameras

  • Remote Access

  • Generac House Generators

  • Custom Rod Iron Fencing

  • Ductless Air Conditioning

  • Custom Designed Kitchens

  • Custom Closets

  • Custom Electrical & Lighting

  • Custom Landscaping