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Join the Journey of providing SOLUTIONS for Families in "Truly Making the American Dream Affordable."  We are the New Innovative Way of Home ownership, which is made up of custom-built homes paid in Half the time - Half the cost.  100% Principal - Interest FREE!!  See the benefits of becoming an Independent Sales Consultant with US American Custom Builders (USACB).  Get paid to provide viable home buying solutions to families, train others to do the same, and the opportunity to earn residual income by repeating these steps and earning a piece of the profits earned by USACB.



As A US American Custom Builders Independent Sales Consultant (ISC)

You have 10 Way To Get Paid, Receive Override Commissions, Weekly Payout, Ability for Residual Income, Be Your Own Boss, Set Your Own Hours, and NO Territorial Restrictions.  The Companies Expansion aids in the ability for you Financial Expansion.


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Your Activity Determines Your Level

Learn the business.  Apply what you have learned.  Invite others.  Teach others to do this same thing.  REPEAT the cycle and qualify for each new level to obtain greater pay outs and the opportunity to gain residual income.  We offer training to assist you and those you invite to become successful.


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Provide your First and Last Name, DBA (Doing Business As), Address, City, State, and Zip Code, Phone Number, Email, and the Name of The Person who Referred you.  Pay the Enrollment Fee of $1,000.00.  Once we receive all of the information above, we will provide you the Independent Sales Consultant Agreement and a W-9 to be signed and completed.  Congratulations for making a decision to take a step in the right direction for generational wealth, financial freedom, and peace of mind!!

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Enroll Today by paying $1,000.00 and by providing us with your details mentioned above.  Today's the day you change your destiny.  Welcome to the team. 

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