USACB Prayer Alliance

US American Custom Builders is a Christian based company that was founded by God, and operates on the principles and standards of God. We trust in the leading and directing of the Spirit of God.

We value prayer because it is our lifeline to the Father.  Prayer leads to the pulling down of strongholds.  Prayer creates harmony in our midst.  Prayer opens doors that would otherwise be closed. 

Prayer is a covering for this company. For we know without Him we are nothing. 

We greatly covet your prayers for (USACB), knowing that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much, and that one will set a thousand, and two will set ten thousand to flight. 

Our Prayer Support Mission:

To form a PRAYER ALLIANCE by uniting various Churches and Ministry Leaders together through prayer. The alliance will create a massive network of community resources for our Churches, Ministries, and Families. Also creating a Covering, Direction, and Protection for USACB, for the Binding and Loosening of Strongholds, and the Opening and Closing of Doors.

"United Together Everyone Achieves More"

US American Custom Builders would like to offer 40 Churches an opportunity in all counties to receive a .025% Profit Share of each home built in that county. We covet your prayers for wisdom and understanding as God leads USACB in this great mission of helping save the American family, by relieving them of the burden of a 30-year mortgage, and allowing those who thought the dream of owning a new home was something unachievable. We are here to say, it is achievable, and God has provided this program to do just that. God is the author, chief architect, and builder, but we cannot accomplish it without the prayer support of brothers and sisters in Christ. Again, we covet your prayers Corporately, Weekly, Daily, that God would bless millions who have dreamed of owning their own (new) home.

All applications will be processed in the order they are received.  Every church that participates in the program will receive the following items as a reminder to pray for the this program: Pens, Calendars & Brochures. 

The agreement will come up for review and renewal every 10 years. 

Renewal is upon US American Customer Builder's discretion

USACB and the participating church will come under agreement through our Prayer Alliance Support Agreement.  Within this agreement, the church agrees to allow USACB to present its program to the community with no obligation from its members.  This agreement is voluntary and therefore does not demand any participation from its members.  However, if 15 members of the church does submit an application, the guaranteed .025% Community Profit Share increases to .050% Community Profit Share and if 25 members participate and sign up for a new home, the Community Profit Shares increase to .075%.  Approval of the homes is not contingent on the increased Community Profit Shares.  Community profit shares are based on completed custom-built homes in the designated county in which the church resides. USACB has the right to chose each church upon its on discretion.