new custom home ownership program

Begin Your New Custom Built Home Ownership Application Process:

Step 1:

Fill out a New Homeownership Application. An application fee of $199.00 for a single person, and $299.00 for a married couple will be required at the time application is submitted. These fees are non-refundable. Applications are approved based on Debt-to-Income Ratio. Your income will determine your home size (Square Footage).
If your application is denied, you have 6 months to a year to (Increase income or Decrease debt) and resubmit your application with a $25.00 resubmission fee (non-refundable).
If you are approved, and for any reason are not able to proceed with the program, your application fee will be good for up to 3 years. It will be necessary to resubmit your information, but your application fee will be waived.

Step 2:

After being approved for a new home, you will be scheduled to meet with a Designer Sales Team. Discussion of property location, floor plans, upgrades, and costs involved will be discussed. A minimum of a $1,500.00 designer activation fee is required before this process begins.

Step 3:

On January 1st, or June 1st, your Construction Principal Payments will begin. You also have the option of starting with a multiple Principal Payment. Customer is required to pay Deposit Principle Payment before construction begins. This payment is to be held for the duration of the contract. It will be used towards the final payments of the contract. The amount of the Deposit Principle Payment is determined by your past and present work history, and condition of the chosen property. The building process for your home will begin on January 1st or June 1st, and the estimated time of completion is 6 months to a year.